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Blue Sapphire (Neelam Stone)


Blue Sapphire (Neelam Stone) is a highly precious, blue colored gemstone of the Corundum mineral family.
Recognized as the most powerful and fastest acting gemstone in vedic astrology, it brings instant wealth, fame and success in wearer’s life.



Neelam stone is the principal gem stone are nine in number know as Navratans. Of all the gemstones available. The Neelam stone is one of the strongest and fastest acting gemstones. Governed by the mighty cord Saturn. This gemstones hold the power to flourish or destroy the wearer’s life. Therefore enough care must be taken to see the right form of blue sapphire is worn the right way during the right time. So that’s the benefits are not missed out and the evil effects are avoided.
1. A well- Suited Neelam stone can show miraculous results even during the sade sati period.
2. A clear thought process, accurate decision making- The amazing blue Sapphire give it’s wearer mental clarity and class confusion and doubts.
3. Neelam Ratan blesses the wearer with name, fame, fortune and money. The individual can hope to attain an exalted position in the society.
4. Specifically this is useful to politicians and people depending on public support.
5. People from creative fields like direction, cinematography, dance drama and marital arts can also Benefit greatly from the effects of the Neelam Ratan


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